Installing the Nvidia Quadro FX 2500m GPU on a Dell Precision M90 Windows 7 64bit PC

If you are reading this then you were probably like me on this Rainy Tuesday June 9 2015 in the Florida Space Coast.

I buy, sell and refurbish laptops.  Not really a big company but just do it on the side.

I got my hands on a few Dell Precision M90 Laptop (workstations, notebooks whatever floats your boat).  Now some I will just install Windows XP SP2 because that's the product key license they came with and had the sticker for it.

Now on trying to compete as an Amazon Marketplace Seller and Ebay Seller.  I listed some Dell Precisions with a genuine Windows 7 Pro Licence as I am a certified technician to provide lincense copies.

Now the problem came after I installed Windows 7 Pro 64bit on this 2007/2008 laptops.

I couldn't find drivers for the Nvidia Quadro FX 2500M video card.  I tried the usual places the Dell Support Website for Windows 7 nor could I find drivers for Windows Vista 64-Bit the only drivers they had were for the FX 3500M.  Nvidia's website was not help either, they couln't even detect it using their java tool.

I probably downloaded more than 10 drivers, for XP Vista Windows 7, tried using compatibility mode.  Searched google moren than 20 times.  Thanks god I found a Microsoft forum that had somebody give their solution.

I downloaded the old Dell R142931.exe.  Hey this is what worked out.
To be able to download this file you need this key code:


.If it worked for you leave me some comments below.

I will try to uploaded directly to this blog if I find a way because links sometimes break.

Anyways I hope it helps.