Installing The Free Version of Prosper202 Step by Step

Prosper202 is not free anymore.

So I am now making money with clickbank.  Don’t ask me how I did it because this is not the subject of this post.  That one day will probably be the title of one of my post.
Any ways let’s get to the reason you are reading this.  I started a profitable campaing on clickbank.  I was making a few bucks a day. 
I couldn’t track anything.  I use Google Analytics for my sites but this only tells you where people are coming from geo location, device type like mobile or tablet or desktop.  There’s a no way or at least I don’t know how to let analytics know when I made a sale on clickbank.
So I googled and googled for a free solution.  It was hard because all tracking solutions give you a free trial and some don’t even tell you that is going to cost you 200 dollars a month.  Well I can see if I was making 4000 a month I wouldn’t mind paying 100 a month.  So I found Prosper202 which according to the article I was reading was free. 
After visiting their website it became aparent it wasn’t free anymore.  Anyways this is a self hosted solution meaning that you host yourself on your own server.  Now they have it where they charge you 100 a month and they host it for you.
Well I found a way to install it free and still use some of its basic functions.  Now you won’t get help from anybody and make sure you don’t update nothing on it because it will make it worse.
Get the file you need to install it here.  If you are an affiliate marketer you know how that link works also you are going to need this secret key to be able to download it here it is:
I installed it on a dedicated server administered by server pilot.  You can install it on a any VPS like Digital Ocean or Linode.  Eveything all the instructions are in the read me file. 

After installing it I wanted to get my memcache server enabled on my hosting server.  I followed this guide here at serverpilot first then this one here next.
Now I know exactly which user, ip, ad network source had a sale. 
I am still learning so don’t think I am an expert but definately helps and is a very powerfull tracking tool.
Goodnight and until next time.  If you got this going or have a non urgent question drop me a line in the comments.
Some useful links some are outdated but will get you understanding: