How to install Dropbox as a service on Windows Server 2012 VPS

Today I am running some Facebook campaigns that automatically post to groups and fan pages.  I use a software called Massplanner 2.

I run it on a Windows Server 2012R2 Datacenter (64 bit) that I got from Contabo VPS Hosting.
I have been using this server because I need a strong and fast server to run this software.

Basically I have pictures and videos that I post to facebook automatic.  The way I do this is by creating a folder on the server that I shared with dropbox to my home computer, Iphone, Ipad and any device that can run dropbox.  Anytime I see a funny picture or quote or video I download it to that folder.  Once is in that folder it will sync it to the server and Massplanner will pick it up to post on my facebook fanpages or groups.

The problem that I find is that everytime I log off the VPS Windows server 2012 dropbox doesn't sync any more.
To solve this problem and search google and found this article from mojocode.
I download the resource kit even though is for Windows Server 2003 it still worked for my server.

Now I went to execute the command on the shell and it wouldn't work.
This is what worked:

sc.exe create Dropbox binPath="C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\srvany.exe" DisplayName= "Dropbox Service"
Then I got this:

[SC] CreateService SUCCESS

Please note that I didn't install the original resource kit to the default "c:\program files (x86)........." I changed the link name to just install the files to just "c:\program files\...etc..etc..." I had problems running the command with a variable if anybody finds the way to run the command let me know in the comments.