How To Delete a Facebook Page in 2024 in 12 steps


Facebook Page Deletion


I'm not going to tell you what this means and you know the consequences of deleting a page.  It should come as a surprise Facebook will save your page for a few and let you restore it but please be warned that if you do this everything on your page will be deleted along with its followers.

I am not responsible and no I don't know anything about brininging a back or whateve else you want to do after you delete it.  I posted this guide because I have many dormant facebook pages that don't have any followers and don't get any traction.

Enough with the warnings and let's get to work

Now everything I did was on the pc desktop.  If you want to do this on a mobile device this is not your guide.  

Step 1

Click on the facebook icon or just type on your browser to go to the main facebook menu page

Step 2

Go to the top right and choose your page

Step 3

If you have more than one page you might have to click on "See all profiles" to choose the right page you want to delete.

Step 4

Step 4

Once you have picked your page is time to go to Settings & privacy

Step 5

Now here choose Settings 

Step 6

Choose Privacy here

Step 7

Now click on "Facebook Page Information"

Step 8

Step 9

You can choose to deactivate page but since I wanted to delete page I chose that.

Step 10

If you have information you want to save download this info to your local drive or just delete everything if you want.  Remember facebook saves this info for sometime but they can delete it anytime.

Step 11

Enterr your facebook password here.  If you don't remember change it and repeat these steps.

Step 12 & final step 

You have completed the steps to delete your facebook page.